Our role as your life coach is very important in assisting you to achieve success in your personal and professional life. By implementing the tools and skills that we utilize, you will improve the quality of your life in many ways, call 808-721-7777 to schedule a short telephone consultation..

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With a life coach you will:

Be "in action" because you set the goals you really want

Have a balanced life because you designed it

Help you to "push the envelope"

Help you make better decisions

Help you make better decisions because your focus is much more clear and defined

Have a lot more energy because you'll be happier and more productive

Help clear up unresolved issues

Get your needs met

Stop tolerating because you'll learn to spend less time with the inappropriate behaviors of others

Come from a more positive place

Strengthen your support system

Learn appropriate candor and enforceable boundaries


Call 808-721-7777 to schedule a short telephone consultation.

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We specialize in: 
* personal development 
* interpersonal relationships
* goal setting 
* achievement accountability 
* honesty and candor 
* anger management 
* professional development 
* stress management and relief 
* massive success 
* loss bereavement 
* responsibility 
...and more. 

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Your Greatest Self.


What is Life Coaching? 
+ A partner in achieving personal and business goals 
+ A sounding board when exploring choices 
+ A motivational mentor 
+ One who gives unconditional support 
+ A wake up call and a reality check 
+ A designer to help create a more productive life 
+ A referee to help clients push the envelope 
+ A beacon during stormy times




+ Helping clients to find their true sustainable happiness in their lives.

+ Assisting some of the worlds most famous and wealthy individuals to focus on quality of life and effective altruism while leaving a permanent legacy without allowing themselves to be taken advantage of. 

+ Helping individuals who've experienced what most would consider insurmountable losses both personally and professionally to overcome and not just survive but thrive in the aftermath.

+ Helping individuals who've received horrible public media regain self-worth, self-awareness and turning the most sour lemons into the most sweet lemonade.

Paul's Key Benefit of Working with a Life Coach

We make your life better.

Call 808-721-7777 to schedule a short telephone consultation.


Additional Recommendations:


"Paul is an incredible speaker and an inspiration to many. He not only speaks from the heart, but from experience as well. When I have had struggles in life as we all do, I was able to turn to Paul for words of comfort and advice to get through another day. He takes the opportunity to turn a hard situation into a positive and motivational opportunity. He knows the meaning of Aloha and shows it to all he touches. An excellent source to turn to."


Ally F., AZ


"Paul and I go waaaay back! He's been a dear friend and has always been there
to supply support when needed in a very caring and non-judgmental fashion. I've
always respected his input and regarded him as a true humanitarian."


Joyce A., HI

Paul Klink, CLC

Founder and Director


Life coaching, business advice, financial tips... I know they are all just a phone call away and I trust them 100%.


Bradley S., MN




Paul is an amazing motivational coach! He has definitely helped me personally with setting goals and a plan to reach them. He is very encouraging and inspiring, even through simple dialogue with him. I definitely recommend this business if you are in need of a life coach


Candi M. HI

Paul is a great speaker and an inspirational life coach! I've had him as a guest speaker in my class multiple times - talking on topics such as Live Aloha! and Emphatic Listening... Paul has a wealth of life experiences to share, and he connects well with people from all ages and backgrounds. Highly recommended!


Hannee C. HI





A great resource for working through challenging times and situations.  I've received great input for consideration and reflection. Definitely recommended.


John C., HI

When faced with a professional or personal dilemma turn to Paul. His expertise and breadth of knowledge afforded me the opportunity to get a new perspective and made all the difference.  I greatly appreciated Paul's insight and ability to guide me to a more objective viewpoint.  I highly recommend this resource.


Joyce H, HI